Navigating the Proposed $78 Billion Tax Package: Implications for the Child Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit For 2024 Taxes

In the corridors of power, Congress is currently embroiled in negotiations over a substantial $78 billion tax package. Among the myriad provisions under discussion, one of the most impactful for American families is the proposed boost to the child tax credit. This change, if enacted, could have significant implications for the 2023 tax filing season, affecting millions of taxpayers across the country.

The Proposed Changes to the Child Tax Credit

The child tax credit has been a cornerstone of American tax policy, offering vital financial support to families with children. The proposed changes in the current tax package aim to enhance this support, potentially increasing the amount families can claim for each child. Such a boost could provide a much-needed financial lifeline to many households, especially in the face of economic uncertainties.

IRS Commissioner Advises Not to Wait to File

Despite the potential for retroactive changes to the child tax credit, IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel has issued clear guidance to taxpayers: do not delay filing your returns in anticipation of Congress’s decision. The message is unambiguous and is waiting on the sidelines for legislative updates could lead to unnecessary complications or delays in processing your tax return.

It’s important to note that, by law, taxpayers claiming the child tax credit, or the earned income tax credit will not receive their refunds until February 27 at the earliest. This built-in delay is designed to give the IRS additional time to prevent fraudulent claims and ensure the accuracy of refunds. However, it also means that any further delay in filing could push the receipt of refunds even later into the year.

The Uncertainty of Legislative Changes

The nature of legislative negotiations means that the outcome of the proposed tax package, including the changes to the child tax credit, remains uncertain until the final bill is passed. Taxpayers find themselves in a challenging position, needing to make informed decisions based on the current tax laws while also staying alert to any potential changes that could affect their filings.

Practical Advice for Taxpayers

For those navigating this uncertain landscape, the best course of action is to proceed with filing your tax returns based on the existing tax laws. Utilize the current guidelines for the child tax credit when preparing your returns and ensure that you file accurately and promptly. Should the proposed changes be enacted, the IRS will provide guidance on how to claim any additional benefits or adjust your filings accordingly.

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