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Worried about not paying your taxes on time? Let AmeriTax file for an extension on your behalf.

What Is a Tax Extension?

A tax extension is a time extension for filing your taxes. Rather than having your taxes due on or around April 15, you can file for an extension before the due date and extend the timeline by several months. When you file for a tax extension, any tax payments are due on the deadline.

Why File for a Tax Extension?

We have an entire tax year to prepare for the tax filing deadline, which might make you wonder why you would need to file for a tax extension. While everyone has a different reason for requesting more time, we file tax extensions on behalf of our clients for some of the following reasons:
  • Can’t file for personal reasons
  • To have more time to review their tax return
  • To have more time to explore all available tax benefits
  • To avoid failure-to-file penalties
  • To take advantage of tax law changes that might come into effect after the standard filing deadline
  • Not having all the information to file
  • Being out of town during tax season
  • Busy with other tasks

How to File for a Tax Extension

Filing your taxes by the due date can seem daunting enough, but many people are equally as overwhelmed by the prospect of filing for a tax extension. Here at AmeriTax, we make it easy.

Simply contact our friendly tax team today, and we can take care of filing a tax extension for you. We can then take care of your tax requirements on your behalf, leaving you to get on with business as usual.

Penalties for Tax Filing

It’s only natural to be concerned about the repercussions of not filing your taxes by the due date. After all, the IRS doesn’t typically like tardiness. However, when you leave your taxes in the safe hands of trained experts like AmeriTax, you don’t have to worry about penalties. We file for tax extensions on your behalf before the due date, and there are no penalties for filing for an extension.

However, it’s important to know the possible penalties for late payments. If you don’t pay the total amount the IRS has requested by the tax filing deadline, you can be charged interest on the balance until you pay it. Late payment penalties might also apply if you don’t pay 90% of the owed amount. Typically, the IRS charges a late fee of 0.5% on the amount you owe for each month and up to 25%.

If you have already passed the filing deadline without requesting a tax extension, you might also be charged a late filing penalty of 5% of the owed amount each month up to 25%.

Why Ask AmeriTax to File a Tax Extension

Our clients trust us with all their tax needs. Choose AmeriTax, specialists in annual tax returns, for the following reasons:

  • Wide range of services – tax preparation & consultation, ITIN, IRIS audit assistance, tax refunds, and more
  • Fast tax refunds up to $6,000
  • Track your refund status online
  • Free consultations
  • Open year-round
  • One of the most trusted tax preparation and tax service companies in North Texas
  • 20+ years experience

File a Tax Extension With AmeriTax in Texas Today

AmeriTax has been one of the most trusted tax preparation and tax service companies in North Texas for more than a decade. If you’re worried about filing your taxes on time, contact us for a free consultation and to learn more about how to file a tax extension.

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