Tax Preparation

Need a hand with tax preparation? AmeriTax is here to help right now.

What Is Tax Preparation?

Tax preparation involves preparing tax returns for a taxpayer. Our expert tax team prepares, calculates, and files tax returns on behalf of our individual and business clients to save them time, stress, and hassle.

We can help with many tax preparation tasks, including:

  • Preparing your taxes
  • Filing your taxes
  • Filing for tax extensions
  • Filing back taxes

What Do Our Tax Experts Do?

You’re trusting our tax team to prepare and file your taxes, so it’s only fair that you know what we’re doing and how we’re able to ensure we prepare your taxes to a high standard.

Tax Law Knowledge


AmeriTax tax experts understand tax laws and requirements and ensure they adhere to them when preparing taxes on behalf of their clients. They can also use their knowledge of tax credits and exemptions to potentially maximize their clients’ returns.

Tax Calculations


The best tax experts in Texas use software for accurate tax preparation. However, mathematical skills are also required. Our tax experts are skilled in arithmetic and algebra and all tax formulas for accuracy and your peace of mind.

Filing for Back Taxes


Filing for back taxes or a ‘past-due return’ can be a daunting prospect, especially when you might be facing interest charges and late payment penalties due to not filing in the past. Inquire with our friendly tax team about filing past-due tax returns.

Filing back taxes might mean you can:

  • Claim a tax refund
  • Avoid penalties and interest
  • Avoid future problems around obtaining loans
  • Protect your social security benefits

Filing for Tax Extensions In Texas


Are you afraid that you’ll miss your tax-filing deadline? Let us help. AmeriTax can file for a tax extension on your behalf, giving you additional time to prepare your taxes and avoid possible penalties. Ask us about this service today to learn more about your tax filing options.

By filing for a tax extension today, you might: 

  • Avoid late penalties
  • Improve the accuracy of your tax filing
  • Reduce your stress levels

Tax Document Management


We understand every client’s needs and situations are different, so we go above and beyond. We ensure that we prepare, complete, and submit all appropriate tax documents on behalf of our clients.

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Why Use AmeriTax for Tax Preparation?

Tax preparation can be daunting, and many people don’t feel comfortable handling this task themselves. However, they want to be sure they choose a business they can trust to handle it for them. We can be that business for you.
You can trust AmeriTax to take care of all tax preparation tasks for you.

Free Consultation

We don’t charge you to learn about your financial situation. Even if you already filed with someone else, Ameritax can provide a free consultation and often find additional money on your return that the previous company missed. In fact, we are happy to review the last three years to make sure no funds are left on the table.

Track Your Refund Status Online

If you choose AmeriTax to take care of your tax preparation needs and you’re owed a refund, you can track it online. There’ll be no guesswork around when it ends up in your bank account. 

Year-Round Service

You don’t have to wait until ‘tax season’ to get the tax help you need. Our North Texas AmeriTax branches are open year-round. We’re ready when you are.

Range of Services

We can assist with your tax preparation needs, but we can also help with: 

  • IRS audits
  • First-time filing
  • Tax consultation and preparation
  • Obtaining your ITIN
  • Rapid reimbursement loans 

Let AmeriTax Take Care of Tax Preparation

You’re not alone when it comes to preparing and filing your taxes. AmeriTax in North Texas is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about tax preparation or our other services.  

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We make taxes simple. Contact AmeriTax today to learn more about our range of convenient tax services in Texas.

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