We are proud to serve our loyal clients throughout North Texas, offering both online and in-person services for your convenience.

Where Are We?

AmeriTax is a locally owned and operated tax service provider in North Texas. If you’re in need of tax services in North Texas, you can find us in the following locations:


Dallas is a modern metropolis in North Texas, with more than 1.288 million population calling this cultural hub home. As it’s the third-largest city in Texas, we have four branches in Dallas to make sure our customers can access the tax services they need without location being a barrier.

  • 9444 Marsh Lane Dallas, TX 75220 (214) 366-9500
  • 2940 W. Northwest Hwy Dallas, Texas 75220 (214) 357-1040
  • 5334 Ross Ave, Ste. 300 Dallas, Texas 75206 (214) 823-1099
  • 2544 Gus Thomasson Rd Dallas, Texas 75228 (214) 320-1099


Richardson is a beautiful city located in both Dallas and Collin counties in Texas. Any Richardson, North Texas, residents can access our extensive range of services at the following address:
  • 14203 Coit Road, Ste. 104 Dallas, TX 75254 (972) 361-1040

Oak Cliff

Do you require tax services in Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas? We are centrally located in Oak Cliff for your convenience. Our tax experts are ready and waiting to lend a helping hand.
  • 3434 W Illinois Ave, Ste. 114 Dallas, TX 75211 (214) 337-4800


Whether you require tax consultation services, help with a refund, or even assistance with an IRS audit or ITIN renewal, our Arlington-based tax experts are here to help. You can find us at:
  • 1231 E. Pioneer Pkwy, Ste. 131 Arlington, TX 76010 (817) 276-1040


Our Garland-based team is ready and waiting to assist with all your tax-related needs year-round. You can find us at: 

  • 3050 S. First St., Ste. 225 Garland, TX 75041 (972) 864-1040

Pleasant Grove

Pleasant Grove locals will be pleased to know that help is available for all your tax needs, such as tax preparation and consultation, ITIN renewal, IRS audit assistance, and more. Visit us at: 

  • 2943 S. Buckner Blvd, Ste. 400 Dallas, TX 75227 (214) 275-8600

Why Choose AmeriTax?

You shouldn’t trust just anyone with your taxes. However, AmeriTax has been a trusted tax service provider in North Texas for more than two decades. You can expect: 

  • Fast tax refunds
  • Tax preparation and consultation services
  • ITIN renewal
  • IRS audit assistance
  • Year-round service
  • Multiple locations
  • Expert tax service providers
  • Free consultations
  • First-time filing help
  • And more!

How To Find An AmeriTax Branch Near You

If you’re feeling out of your depth with your taxes, have a tax-related question, or need help with a specific tax problem, now might be the right time to contact AmeriTax. Fortunately, there are many ways for you to access the help you need.

  1. Contact us online by filling out our easy email form. Provide us with your name, phone number, email address, and an ideal time to contact you, and one of our friendly tax experts will be in touch within 24 hours. Or, simply tap this icon and enter your zip code. You will be asked to fill-out pertinent information that will directly go to the manager of the location closest to you. Within 24 hours, one of our tax professionals will contact you.
  2. Visit us in person by visiting one of our branch locations above or our main branch: 9444 Marsh Lane, Dallas, Texas.
  3. Contact us and we can discuss important tax matters with you via email, on the phone, or in person.
  4. Phone us at 1-800-658-1099 to receive tax assistance. We can ensure you’re directed to the most convenient branch to help you with your tax-related queries.

Visit AmeriTex In North Texas Today

It can be hard to know where to turn when you have a tax question or concern. AmeriTax is ready and waiting to provide the help you need. Contact us at one of our many branches in North Texas today. Our expert tax team can’t wait to offer their assistance.

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