How to Choose a Tax Preparer You Can Trust


You wouldn’t trust just any mechanic to perform necessary repairs to your car or any builder to handle house renovations. So, why would you trust just any tax agent to prepare your taxes? You shouldn’t, and a lot can go wrong when you don’t hire the right people for the job.

However, not everyone knows who that ‘right’ person is or who they can trust to take care of their every tax need. If you’re struggling to find a trustworthy and reputable tax preparer in North Texas or elsewhere, take some of the following actions. You can then enjoy peace of mind knowing your taxes are in safe hands.

Read Online Reviews

There can be dozens of tax service providers in your local area, but that doesn’t mean all of them will be suitable for your needs. In fact, some of them might not provide the services you require or aren’t highly regarded for performing tax tasks to a high standard.

You won’t know this information just by reading their name in an advert or a directory. However, you can learn more about a business’s reputation by reading online reviews. Real customers are typically more than happy to share their experiences with a particular company online, knowing that their words might help other consumers make an informed decision.

Pay attention to the average star rating and read through both negative and positive reviews. Often, you can gain a sense of the level of service you can expect by whether multiple people provide the same information. For example, if you see ‘excellent communication’ mentioned numerous times, you might be able to enjoy the same experience yourself.

Ask for Recommendations

Word of mouth can be a powerful form of advertising, so use it to your advantage. Talk to friends and family members who may have received tax preparation and consultation assistance from a tax provider to see who they recommend.

People you know are typically more than happy to recommend businesses they are satisfied with and will likely answer any questions you have about their experience.

Check Out Their Website

The most highly regarded tax service providers in North Texas and beyond usually have websites full of helpful information so future clients can make informed hiring decisions. Check out the websites of tax agents in your area to see what you can learn about them.

You might find a list of services they provide, such as ITIN renewal, tax return help, and IRS audit assistance. You might also learn about the branches closest to you, their contact information, and, sometimes, testimonials from current and previous clients.  

Even checking out website safety features might indicate whether a tax service provider is trustworthy or not. For example, reputable tax agents prioritize site visitor safety by ensuring their site has a security certificate. They might also make contact information easy to find and include a physical address you can visit if you require in-person assistance.

Request a Free Consultation

If a tax service provider you’ve found online offers free consultations, make an appointment to learn more about them. While you can learn much about businesses online, you can learn even more about them in person.

Once you’ve made an appointment, you can prepare a list of questions to ask your preferred provider, such as:

  • What is your tax background?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • What services do you provide?
  • How much do your services cost?

You might then decide to hire them or go elsewhere based on the additional information you uncover.

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