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AMERITAX is one of the the most trusted tax service companies in North Texas. For over 20 years, we have provided professional tax consulting and tax services to our customers. Open year-round, we offer resolution to all your tax problems. Whether you need to file back taxes, are undergoing an audit, need an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), or simply have a question, AMERITAX is there for you!

At AmeriTax our mission is to get you the greatest amount of dollars on your tax return. We are the most trusted tax preparation and tax service company in North Texas and have been the leader in providing the most extensive services for our clients for over a decade.

Tax Consultation & Prep

Tax Consultation & Prep

AmeriTax is dedicated to serving our clients. We are open year-round to assist with all our clients’ needs. Consultations and quotes are always free. Please call us at any time.

IRS Audit Assistance

AmeriTax will work with the IRS to lower or even eliminate your tax debt. We offer resolution to all your tax problems, whether you need to file back taxes, are undergoing an audit, need a tax identification number, or simply have a question.

Filing for the First Time

Filing taxes is a complicated process. At AmeriTax we walk you through the process whether you are filing for the first time, have received a letter from the IRS,  or are concerned about past or current taxes.


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